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Effective communication is essential for optimizing throughput and capacity, which are key to managing patient surges, and not just during times of crisis. To address these pressures, CareAware Capacity Management® suite of solutions gives you visibility to the analytics you need to improve bed utilization and patient flow. By managing patient capacity, flow and diversion rates, these solutions provide transparency and asset alignment to help you improve care outcomes whenever you have to dealing with patient surges.

Meaningful data and actionable workflows will help enable hospitals to rise to the challenges during times of crisis.

Get the white paper, “Capacity management and patient throughput: patient-centered.”

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Learn more about patient throughput and take advantage of the value-added CareAware Capacity Management suite of solutions

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Learn how Southwest General used capacity management solutions to deliver improved patient journeys.

Client Achievement

Technology and data analysis help cut inter-department patient transport time by 60%

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Why Fatigue Management is key to patient safety

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Data helps streamline operations, manage nursing utilization and expedite patient transfers


Clinicians use data such as humidity, pressure and moon phases to predict patient flow and staffing.


Improve patient throughput by managing patient capacity, flow and diversion rates.