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Podcast 137_impact of opioid addiction

Ep. 137: The impact of opioid addiction on patients, providers and communities │ listen time: 20:31

Published on 8/13/2019

On this episode, we start a four-part series on the opioid crisis. We are joined by Alan Staples and Leslie Lindsey ─ two of Cerner’s experts on patient safety ─ and Dr. Mike Fadden, Cerner chief medical officer.

Alan asks Leslie and Dr. Fadden these questions:

  • How does the opioid crisis impact urban and rural communities differently, and how are providers being supported in serving both of these populations well?
  • How is this crisis affecting providers, and what can be done to help them deliver better care?
  • Is it possible to focus too much on preventing opioid abuse and not enough on managing it?
  • What are some innovative ways that health care organizations are addressing the opioid problem?
  • What gives you hope that we can end this crisis?

Listen to the full podcast below, and click here for previous episodes of "Perspectives on Health and Tech."

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