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Transform data into action

Enhance your clinical, financial, operational, care continuum, population health and research strategies through gaining transparency and garnering insights across your organization and community.

Ranked as top three vendor for both analytic product vision and capabilities in
Chilmark’s 2017 Healthcare Analytics Market Trends Report.

At Cerner, we believe analytics is a multi-dimensional strategy that should be integrated within an organization’s daily processes and drive long-term, strategic decision-making. Our comprehensive analytic solutions and services are designed to enable health systems, governments, employers, payers and other health organizations to build a data-driven culture. Building this data-driven culture starts by identifying daily and long-term, operational improvement opportunities; strategizing data-backed initiatives; pushing proactive, actionable analytic findings to clinicians; and managing regulatory and policy requirements.

Four analytic pillars

We believe the easiest way to start building out an analytics strategy is with a question. Potential questions could include, ‘What patient population is driving my emergency department utilization?’ or ‘What are my outstanding accounts receivables?’.

Analytic questions can be anchored around four pillars and span industry focuses, such as: clinical, financial, operational, care continuum, population health management and research.

Related Offerings

Analytic services

Tap into Cerner’s analytic expertise — from strategy to implementation to execution — we can help you.

EHR system performance

Maximize the impact of your EHR investment through analyzing system performance and solution adoption.

EHR user experience

Enable control over your clinician experience by accessing individual user- or group-level efficiency and adoption data.

Enterprise data warehouse

Host disparate data within a single location and provide users the ability to onboard and organize data and create custom reports and dashboards to satisfy your organization’s unique needs.

Health system operations

Support patients’ entire throughput journey by coordinating the right caregiver, with the right patient, at the right place and time.

Hierarchical condition categories

Optimize Medicare Advantage (MA) reimbursement payments through analytic intelligence that identifies gaps in documentation through flagging previously documented and suspected Hierarchical condition category (HCC)-supported conditions.

Pre-built analytic content

Help reduce time and resources dedicated to identifying appropriate analytic content and creating analytic visualizations with ready-to-use dashboards and reports designed around specific, analytic use cases.

Quality measures

Monitor quality data, concurrently or retrospectively, to enable the simplification of the reporting process for hospitals and eligible professionals.

Registries & scorecards

To proactively identify gaps in care, recommend targeted interventions and provider performance, Cerner offers a registries and scorecards solution that enables organizations to identify, attribute, measure and monitor people and providers at an individual or population level.