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Adoption Coaching

Truman Medical Center’s providers benefit from Cerner’s sustainment coaching offering


Advance usability and productivity through data, knowledge and customized, at-the-elbow coaching

With Cerner Coaching, providers are given one-on-one attention in order to improve usability with Cerner solutions. We strategically align with your physicians in order to better the overall provider experience, improving physician satisfaction, increasing efficiency and enabling higher quality care.

More than just implementation training

Physician satisfaction affects the overall health of an organization and the communities it serves. Low adoption rates and lengthy workflows could lead to reduced satisfaction rates, lost productivity and potential lost revenue – all which potentially have a negative impact on patient care.

It’s for this reason, Cerner offers a comprehensive Adoption Coaching program to support physicians across two main categories:

Optimization Coaching Sustainment Coaching
Proactive data driven coaching Develop a continuous support model
Increase efficiency and satisfaction with Cerner solutions Train your resources to do continuous support
Personalized 1:1 attention End-user support

Want to see what Cerner Coaching can do for you?

Answer a few quick questions and our Cerner Coaching experts will draft a custom analysis and recommendation for your teams based on provider count, need and organization type. *Survey applies to Cerner clients only*

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Optimization Coaching

We understand that EHR adoption does not end at go-live

The road to adoption and optimization is a journey of continuous advancement and education. No matter where your client is in their EMR journey, all organizations can benefit from proactive and customized support. Just as system modifications and upgrades continue after solutions are turned on, coaching should continue alongside system maintenance as well as organizational change.

Scale based on need

Cerner Optimization Coaching allows organizations to leverage customized provider support based on their specific needs. Invest in the continuous improvement of the provider experience today.

Optimization Coaching helps organizations identify areas of opportunity among clinicians, and by offering one-on-one coaching tailored to the unique needs of each clinician.

To increase adoption and productivity, optimization coaches:
  • Use Cerner Advance and Lights On Network data to proactively target specific providers with the greatest opportunity in adoption, efficiency and other organizational goals.
  • Provide customized coaching based on the unique needs of each provider.
  • Offer End of Engagement Reports to provide transparency through an analysis of metric improvement after coaching is complete.

Develop a lasting end-user support model

The journey to adoption and optimization is focused on continuous advancement and education. Organizations of all size and specialty can benefit from continued end-user support. We help you put a plan in place for continued support. We work one on one with your end-users while developing the program.

If you have a team of coaches you can provide: Cerner assigns a dedicated Coaching Project Manager to educate and train your teams, and works hand-in-hand with you to develop a continuous support program.

If you do not have coaching resources: Cerner offers a Coaching Project Manager and coaches to support end users while developing the program. With Sustainment Coaching, providers are given one-on-one attention in order to increase adoption and efficiency with Cerner solutions. We align with providers in order to better the overall provider experience, and help build end-user support teams that enable success through:

  • Optimization coaching
  • New provider training
  • Assist with provider requests, and support upgrades
  • Conduct workflow analysis

Cerner Sustainment Coaching teams help to educate staff and develop programs that give you the tools needed to maintain a continuous support model. We are invested in helping your organization become a culture of learning. We do this by focusing on the users of technology and the team members who support them.


How do I know which providers you are targeting?

At the beginning of an engagement we pull data into an excel dashboard. We set up a call with you to review those that have been identified. You can see who is targeted in the spreadsheet we utilize.

We typically target providers who have seen more than 40 patients and those with a Time Per Patient that’s higher than the median for their specialty. We work with you to customize the targeting strategy based on your unique needs. We collaborate on the targeted providers before the coaching occurs. 

We layout the plan for the session and explain that we are here to help. We explain our goals and emphasize that we are here to increase efficiency in the EMR.  We work with you to develop a communication plan so that we are delivering consistent messaging. We want you to feel comfortable with what we are telling your providers.

It depends on your comfort level. We have shared the data with providers and find that sharing the data can help drive continuous improvement and behavior change. If we don’t share the data with providers, we will utilize the information to develop a strategy for coaching sessions.

We support providers in 4 hour half-day sessions. Our recommendation is for each provider to receive 2 coaching sessions. Multiple sessions help reinforce and promote behavior change. We are not asking the providers for their undivided attention. We are shadowing them and giving tips/tricks in between patient visits.

As our data tools are expanding to additional populations, so are we! We support optimization for all end-users.

Our coaches bring a wide range of skillsets which contribute to their success. They have complex problem solving, people management, emotional intelligence, negotiation, active listening, and people skills.

Most of our coaches do not have a clinical background. Our coaches do have experience with healthcare and the provider workflow. They spend countless hours in the field with end-users so they understand how providers operate.  You don’t have to have a clinical background to help an end user become more efficient and comfortable in the EMR.

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