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Cerner CommunityWorks℠

Benefits of partnering with Cerner CommunityWorks


Designed for community, critical access and specialty hospitals

CommunityWorks is a cloud-based deployment of Cerner’s traditional IT platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of community, critical access and specialty hospitals. CommunityWorks provides an integrated digital record of a patient’s health history that includes clinical and financial data across the continuum of care. Through this model, Cerner is able to scale traditional solutions and services and enable high-quality care with predictable IT spend, providing an economical business model for these hospitals. And with the introduction of the new CommunityWorks Foundations model, we are removing financial barriers for critical access hospitals to switch EHRs with an affordable fixed technology fee starting at go-live.

We understand your challenges

Health care providers in smaller communities often face challenges those in larger areas don’t experience. Geographic isolation, workforce shortages, educational disparities and diminishing resources can make it harder to deliver high-quality care.

At Cerner, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality care, regardless of their ZIP code. Rural hospitals serve about 20% of all Americans, and Cerner is committed to providing technology and services to help those facilities thrive, and to help ensure individuals in all communities have access to quality, comprehensive health care. We can help organizations of all types and sizes serve the unique needs of their populations.

We can help

CommunityWorks collaborates with community, critical access and specialty hospitals to identify opportunities to increase value for you and your patients. The ability to share information across facilities and the continuum of care helps to keep you connected to your patients and provide a higher standard of care. Utilizing our expertise in IT, process improvement and transformational leadership, we can help you shift from reactive care to proactive health management. CommunityWorks is focused on empowering patients to take control of their health, and creating stronger, healthier communities.

We are providing real value to our clients, from clinicians to the business office and everyone in between. And the success isn’t isolated to a few clients. Over 70% of new CommunityWorks clients beat baseline A/R days 180 days post-implementation. These hospitals averaged 5.5% improvement.*

* 10 of 14 new CommunityWorks hospitals (25 beds or fewer) going live on Revenue Cycle in 2019 beat baseline A/R days 180 days post-implementation through March 31, 2020. Those 10 clients had an average improvement of 5.5 percent.

Who We Serve

Community Hospitals

With facilities being forced to do more with less, community hospitals face challenges in how to best serve their populations. CommunityWorks offers the opportunity to utilize solutions and services spanning the continuum of care to help you manage the health of your community. this model keeps up with market and regulatory trends, and helps you bring the latest in healthcare innovation to your facility and your community.

Critical Access Hospitals

Financial constraints, physician and staff shortages, facility limitations and remote locations are among the challenges rural hospitals face. Additionally, individuals living in these communities tend to face a broader range of health challenges than those living in urban areas. CommunityWorks provides these organizations with the solutions and services needed to derive value from your hospital’s technology. We help take care of the technology and so you can focus on caring for your patients.

Specialty Hospitals

Today, CommunityWorks provides heart, rehab and surgical hospitals with our cloud-based delivery model. Specialty hospitals have unique challenges and workflows while also facing decreased reimbursements, fewer employees and patients who demand specialty care. Our model is designed to minimize these pressures and enable your hospital to meet your patient’s needs.

Features and Capabilities

Patient-Centered Integrated Record

With CommunityWorks solutions, you can share and access information easily among multiple facilities and across the continuum of care. Hospitals, clinics, physician offices, long-term care facilities, satellite clinics – all of your locations – become connected and focused on the patient. All on one core database.

Fixed-fee Implementation

Cerner offers a fixed-fee, value-based implementation in order to give a predictable cost of ownership for all CommunityWorks clients. With a fixed-fee implementation delivered by associates that specialize in community, critical access and specialty hospitals, clients can feel confident that their costs won’t creep out of control.

Updates and Enhancements Included

Cerner CommunityWorks aims to lower client burden providing code updates and solution enhancements at no additional cost. More than 300 enhancements have been pushed to CommunityWorks clients through the cloud over the past five years to help ensure they’re using the latest and greatest innovations Cerner has to offer. It also prevents clients from ever getting on outdated code.

Related Offerings


No matter the size or affiliation of your practice, we can provide integrated clinical and financial solutions for more than 40 physician specialties that enable regulatory compliance, improve patient experience, and may save you time and money.

Application Management Services

Our Application Management Services (AMS) provide more than traditional support. We have a dedicated team ready to resolve your issues and manage upgrades. The team monitors your system, identifies potential issues and owns its prevention and resolution — with minimal involvement from your staff.

Population health

We help organizations manage populations for value-based care. Our programmable, comprehensive suite of solutions and services enables organizations to know and predict what will happen within a population, engage the person, family and care team and manage outcomes to improve health and care. Our networks empower communities through our industry-recognized platform, technology and services that support your clinical, financial and operational needs.

Remote hosting

We take software updates, disaster recovery plans, enterprise cloud services and data security seriously. Our IT experts take care of the system, so you can focus on your patients. Cerner’s remote hosting services have been named Best in KLAS for application hosting from 2009-2018. These services help ensure high-level system availability in our secure technology centers.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our clinically-driven revenue cycle approach improves workflows across the continuum of care. This integrated strategy allows you to drive revenue cycle performance in today's fee-for-service environment while also preparing for the risk-based models of tomorrow. Our portfolio of integrated solutions and services help improve workflows and control cost to collect across acute and ambulatory venues.


Cerner’s surgery solutions mirror the way providers practice medicine because we use the expertise of perioperative clinicians to develop them. Our solutions support the spectrum of perioperative care, from scheduling through discharge. They facilitate information sharing and care coordination across operational, nursing, anesthesia and surgical workflows to help ensure you’re able to deliver safe and efficient surgical care.


Do I still get Cerner Millennium®?

Yes. The CommunityWorks model delivers the same EHR platform used at Cerner’s other industry-leading clients such as Banner Health, Emory Healthcare and Intermountain Healthcare.

To provide our community, critical access and specialty hospital clients with the best solutions and services at a reduced cost, Cerner CommunityWorks utilizes a multi-tenant approach.

Multi-tenancy refers to an architecture where multiple client organizations (tenants) run a single instance of software on a shared domain that hosts end-user applications for multiple concurrent users.

CommunityWorks Foundations is specifically designed for critical access hospitals and is the same software and scope that the large majority of our CAH clients leverage today.

Over time, we have learned from our clients and the industry and evolved our offering to further incorporate best practice build and processes. These best practices are helping Cerner to deliver on a faster timeline with a more standardized scope of solutions. From kick-off, clients can expect to go-live in six months.

Yes! We are providing real value to our clients, from clinicians to the business office and everyone in between. And the success isn’t isolated to a few clients. Over 70% of new CommunityWorks clients beat baseline A/R days 180 days post-implementation. These hospitals averaged 5.5% improvement.

All client data remains secure and private with the CommunityWorks delivery model.

Having served community, critical access and specialty hospitals as a trusted advisor and source of innovation since 2009, Cerner is well positioned to provide our clients with the stability and vision they need from their technology partner. With cumulative research and development spend exceeding $7.8 billion, Cerner will continue to deliver award-winning solutions today while also preparing for the future.

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