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Determinants of Health Overview


The challenge of bridging between health and social care

Addressing social needs among vulnerable populations – in terms of improved health outcomes as well as reduced costs – has become a driving force of healthcare investment. Studies show that non-clinical factors can impact as much as 80 percent of a person's overall health.1

While the concept of addressing social determinants of health is not new, organizations are increasingly seeking guidance and technology capabilities to address the non-medical needs of their at-risk patients and communities by screening patients for unmet social needs, connecting people to resources and measuring the impact of interventions.

1Source: 1Hood, C.M., K.P. Gennuso, G.R. Swain, and B.B. Catlin. 2016. County health rankings: Relationships between determinant factors and health outcomes. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 50(2):129-135.

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Solution: Cerner Determinants of Health

Cerner Determinants of Health offers a standardized, integrated offering that helps bridge the fragmented gaps between health and social care across consumers, providers, payers and community organizations.

Our product helps providers identify patients with social risk factors, suggests goals and activities, supports community-based referrals and provides geospatial analytics that identify community-level vulnerabilities and patient-level social risks.



Collect relevant social determinants data at the point of care with evidence-based screening tools



Uncover and identify patient social risk factors and disparities amongst groups and underserved communities in your area



Pinpoint community-level vulnerabilities and patient-level social risks through geospatial analytics

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The Cerner difference

Cerner is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, providing continued, holistic value to our clients through:

HealtheReferrals Analytics Icon

An open, interoperable system for health data curation and connectedness

HealtheReferrals Interoperable

Integrated software and analytics enabling care delivery for value-based care

HealtheReferrals Clinical Data

Dedicated science to improve clinical usability of data and drive personalized medicine

In addition, Cerner offers the following industry-tested solutions that integrate and complement Cerner Determinants of Health:

  • HealtheAnalytics:
    Analyze patient migration patterns and cost anomalies

  • Care Management:
    Proactive care management and coordination for citizens requiring more support

  • Population Health:
    Enable organizations to know and predict what will happen within a population 
Watch the Cerner determinants of health product overview webinar
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Fragmented data and lack of standardized data creates complexities in identifying and addressing social needs. Learn how Cerner Determinants of Health can help bridge the fragmented gaps between health and social care across consumers, providers, payers and community organizations.

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