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Enterprise data warehouse

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Create and tailor dashboards and reports to meet your unique, analytic needs

The health care industry has been collecting data for years. Take advantage of the opportunity to tap into the value of this available data to augment strategic initiatives with Cerner’s enterprise data warehouse (EDW), HealtheEDWSM.

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Ranked as top three vendor for both analytic product vision and capabilities in
Chilmark’s 2017 Healthcare Analytics Market Trends Report.

Built on a big data platform, Cerner’s EDW solution, HealtheEDW, provides users a variety of data transformation and analytic visualization tools to meet your unique, analytic needs.


Onboard data from any source

Creating a strategic plan requires objective data. Cerner’s EDW is built on a cloud-based, big data platform that enables you to onboard disparate data from any source.

Users can leverage a variety of embedded data transformation tools to flatten and prepare the data to be loaded into analytic visualization tools.

Once the data is prepared, users can load data into Tableau or SAP Business Objects analytic visualization tools to create robust dashboards and reports. Both Tableau and SAP Business Objects enable users to dive into and interact with the data beyond rows and columns.

Once data is onboarded, we make querying your data simple by doing the heavy lifting of aggregating, cleansing and normalizing your data to a standard terminology. This process enables users the ability to search across all data sources simultaneously, regardless of native code language or proprietary codes.

From accessing data to working with data transformation and analytic visualization tools, users are enabled to work from a single application. Being empowered to work from a single application reduces the inefficiencies of managing multiple tools or toggling between several applications along with enabling a seamless user experience.

Featured EDW tools

Query tool

Directly access your data within the warehouse for analytic use cases.

Data set builder

Format your data using transformations that feed your analytics.

Workflow tool

Process your data and create dependencies.

Data model builder

Define relationships between data sets and create a semantic layer over the database.

Tableau desktop

Connect with your Tableau desktop application.

Projects page

Gain transparency to macro-level insights.

Report notification

Keep your project team apprised of the latest information.

Data syndication tool

Transfer large volumes of data.

Analytics making an impact

Creating a big data IT infrastructure for today and tomorrow


Harnessing-Technology-to-Optimize-Holistic-Care-Management-Strategies_doctor consultation

Harnessing the Value of Data with a Governance Strategy: Q&A with Memorial Hermann’s Paul Lampi

Health care data – consisting of lab tests, medical images, clinical trials and more – make up 30 percent of the world’s data production. As our industry increasingly focuses on analytics, the quality and longevity of data is of upmost importance to cultivate an information-rich organization. For health care organizations, creating this information-rich culture requires a robust data governance strategy, ensuring that data assets are cleansed, managed and protected throughout the enterprise.

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HealtheEDW at Memorial Hermann Health System


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Tap into Cerner’s analytic expertise — from strategy to implementation to execution — we can help you.

Data science ecosystem

Enable the ability to query de-identified data, extract and transform data sets in research-ready formats, build complex data models and algorithms, and validate findings all from a single environment.

EHR system performance

Maximize the impact of your EHR investment through analyzing system performance and solution adoption.

EHR user experience

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Health system operations

Support patients’ entire throughput journey by coordinating the right caregiver, with the right patient, at the right place and time.

Hierarchical condition categories

Optimize Medicare Advantage (MA) reimbursement payments through analytic intelligence that identifies gaps in documentation through flagging previously documented and suspected Hierarchical condition category (HCC)-supported conditions.

Pre-built analytic content

Help reduce time and resources dedicated to identifying appropriate analytic content and creating analytic visualizations with ready-to-use dashboards and reports designed around specific, analytic use cases.

Registries & scorecards

To proactively identify gaps in care, recommend targeted interventions and provider performance, Cerner offers a registries and scorecards solution that enables organizations to identify, attribute, measure and monitor people and providers at an individual or population level.

Quality measures

Monitor quality data, concurrently or retrospectively, to enable the simplification of the reporting process for hospitals and eligible professionals.