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Real-Time Health System

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Driving predictable excellence with near real-time contextual awareness

A Real-Time Health System is a health delivery organization that leverages the use of near-real time data from many sources to improve clinical, operational, and financial efficiency and effectiveness, and improve patient engagement in a safe and secure manner.

Cerner is focused on optimizing the patient journey through the health system from the time they enter the hospital through their discharge and subsequent placement across the continuum. Cerner can help enable integrated and holistic near, real-time data that creates predictable excellence in clinical, operational and financial outcomes. We can help you equip your organization with the right tools and technology to be transformed into a Real-Time Health System of the Future.

Let us help you integrate data throughout your network and within the Health System, predict operational and clinical needs, and secure patient communication and clinical workflows to transform and optimize care delivery.

Real-Time Health System Resources

Client Article

In order to achieve important operational outcomes such as improved patient throughput and health system capacity use, Northern Light Health centralized their operations using the Command Center Dashboard as a foundation.

White paper

The Real-Time Health System approach yields a number of benefits, which include achieving operational efficiency using near real-time analytics and predictive intelligence.


The digitization of healthcare is setting the stage for a Real-Time Health System (RTHS) of the future by enabling integrated and holistic, near real-time data that converts to actionable insight.

Client article

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Secure text messaging allows care teams to have direct access to each other in an instant, helping to improve outcomes in quality, safety and patient satisfaction.

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Command Center

Cerner Command Center culminates people, processes, and technology into a single centralized physical space to execute collaborative decision-making and workflows facilitating the improvement of patient throughput.

Workforce Management

Better patient outcomes occur when you have the right care giver, in the right place, at the right time. Cerner delivers automated and intelligent workforce management solutions for health care organizations to provide the best care at the lowest cost.

Capacity Management

Cerner’s Capacity Management solutions provide transparency and alignment of assets (staff, patients and equipment) at the right time and right place to improve patient throughput, efficiency, productivity, and outcomes.

CareAware Connect

Bring together care team communications, clinical workflows, and alarm management on one mobile device to improve efficiency and coordinate care.


Security is complex, with many risks, safeguards and an ever-changing threat landscape. As a health care IT industry leader, we have had to keep a stronghold on our own security posture.

Health System Operations

Focused on optimizing the patient’s journey through the health system, including resource utilization, from the time they enter the hospital through the discharge and subsequent placement across the continuum.